Job seeker frequently asked questions

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I get an invalid username/password error message.

Please ensure you are on the “Job Seekers” page when trying to log on. A separate login point is maintained for employers using the site.

  • If your web browser is using an “auto-complete” function to fill in your username and password, it is possible that your software is continuously repeating a typing error from your initial login attempt. Please try turning it off and logging on manually.
  • If, after checking the username and password text, you continue to have difficulty, you may need to clear your browser’s “cache” file, where it stores web documents for temporary viewing. Please check your browser’s online help or other included documentation for additional assistance.

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The page just “hangs.”

The “cookies” settings on your web browser may be the cause of your problem: difficulty creating or accessing your account and profile often indicates that “cookies” are not enabled in your web browser’s security settings. Look under “Internet Options,” in the Tools menu on MS Internet Explorer; Netscape users should check under “Advanced” from the “Preferences” screen, available from the “Edit” menu. Please check your browser’s help menu and additional documentation for information on configuring cookies and Internet security preferences.

If your local network or your Internet service provider uses a proxy server to provide your Internet access, the same problems described above with cookies and file caching may apply to your network as a whole. This problem is external to our system, you will need to see your network administrator or contact your ISP’s helpdesk for further assistance.

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Confirm your username and password.

You can retrieve your username and password at any time. Please find and follow the “Forgot your Username and Password” link immediately below the login fields on’s main page. Entering your registered email address there sends an automated message to your email account whenever necessary.

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Why can’t I see the job descriptions?

Problems of this kind most often originate within the settings of your web browser or on your Internet connection.

This Particular problem can be rectified with ease by simply adjusting the “Internet Options” for your Internet Explorer web browser (the problem typically does not affect users of Netscape). There are two separate adjustments which can be made, the first of which should correct the problem on its own. If not, please attempt the second and try again:

  1. Open your browser’s “Advanced” options (click the “Tools” menu, then select “Internet Options,” and click the “Advanced” tab.

    Find the heading marked “HTTP 1.1 settings,” and ensure that HTTP 1.1 protocolis enabled (CHECKED) for use with Proxy Servers (BOTH items under this heading should be checked).

    While in the “Advanced” page, it is also helpful to make sure that the “Friendly HTTP errors” and “Friendly URL’s” settings are DISABLED (UNCHECKED). These can un-hide additional information that is helpful in diagnosis and troubleshooting.

    Please make these adjustments first, then try to connect again. If this fails to correct the problem, move on to item 2 below.
  2. If it is permitted by your ISP or LAN administrator, you can bypass proxy servers entirely. This is controlled from the “Connections” section of the “Internet Options” screen (look under Connections, LAN Settings).

    You may wish to contact your ISP or administrator in advance to find out if your connection will still work properly with proxies bypassed.

    Please note that if neither of these steps rectify the situation, you will need to speak with your ISP or network administrator regarding other network factors that are outside of our control.

    If you need detailed assistance with locating the options noted above, or making the adjustments described, please contact us and advise us of your web browser type andversion number, so we can provide you with specific instructions for your system. Further assistance

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Why can’t I paste my résumé?

To “paste” your résumé on the first “Professional Profile” page, ensure you are cutting and pasting actual formatted TEXT from an OPEN word processor or text editor. Simply open your résumé file, then choose “Select All” [Ctrl + A] from your “Edit” menu (at the upper left of your window); go to the “Edit” menu a second time, and select “Copy” [Ctrl + C]. Then go to your web browser and click into the résumé text field; go to your “Edit” menu once more and choose “Paste.” [Ctrl + V] You should see your résumé appear in the text field immediately.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to paste a “whole” file at present. The NicheSite unfortunately does not support cut & paste or drag-and-drop uploads (i.e.moving file items the way you would on your computer’s desktop) at this time.

IF THIS DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED: You may need to modify some simple settings on your web browser software to enable copy and paste support, and thus avoid having to retype your résumé. If you are using MS Internet Explorer, the “Copy” and “Paste” feature may have been disabled under the “security” tab of your Internet Options screen (accessible under the “Tools” menu in the IE browser). To re-enable “Copy” and “Paste,” navigate through the Internet Options dialog to the “Security” tab, and ensure that “Internet” (the globe icon) is highlighted at the top of the window. Next, click the “Custom Level” button to display detailed options: at the fifth heading (“Miscellaneous”), the radio buttons at the third sub-heading serve to enable or disable (or selectively enable, with user prompts) your ability to copy and paste through web forms such as those on our site. The same option enables/disables drag-and-drop for sites that use this functionality.

If you have difficulty with the formatting of your résumé on the NicheSite, try the following: save it from your word processing software in one of the supported formats (plain text or HTML) before posting it. This should ensure it’s more easily cut-and-pasted. Please note, if you have HTML code in your résumé that’s been generatedby a “WYSIWYG” web editor, or an online page-builder site, you may find it conflicts with the NicheSite. Try simplifying, or use plain text and re-format it with our own in-page HTML editor (supported under MS Internet Explorer 4.0 and up only).

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Further assistance

If you have any difficulty with sign-up, the application process, or have any other questions about the Workopolis NicheNetwork:

Email: OR call 416-957-8310 ext. 8310 (toll free 1-888-641-4047 ext. 8310) to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Support service is handled by Ltd. between 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday.

Please contact Workopolis Customer Service before contacting the employer’s HR or recruiting department, as they will not be able to help you with the technical aspects of the NicheSite. These two options above have been set up specifically to get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

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